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Changhua County Changhua City 

Southern/Western/Northern District Health Center

Historical evolution
1.In 1736, the officer, at that time, Cin Shihwang set the institute and adopted the rough crazy patient.  It’s located at outside of Jhihdong gate under the foot of Pakua mountain of Changhua city.

2.In 1764, set up the institute and adopt hundreds of homeless and harsh people

3.In 1832, set up private nursery house.  

4.In 1895, Japanese established the hygiene office in Taiwan.

5.In 1945 October 25, Taiwan recovered, established the hygiene group in the civil administration department of Changhua City.

6.In 1946 December, Reformed the system to be the Helth Yuan of Changhua City, with medical administration, epidemic prevention, health care, and general affairs groups.

7.In 1950 November, due to changes in administrative districts, changed to be the Health Yuan of Changhua county.

8.In 1951 January, our center established and under the jurisdiction of the commune hospital of Changhua county, and was responsible for pursueing the hygiene medical treatment and health care work at the basic level.

9.In 1960, in order to strengthen local autonomy, the central authorities changed the center to be subordinate to Changhua City government. 

10.Later, because the power and responsibility were inconsistent, the Health Bureau of county government unable to give play to supervising role and the business was obstructed.  After careful evaluation, it was decided to change to be subordinate to in the Health Bureau of County government in 1974.


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